Kared and Shyann : A Harlem Love Affair 2 out August 19th

My second book will be coming out on August 19th, this Friday. I am happy and nervous all at the same time. I am so happy that this is all happening to me because this is my dream. I was put on this earth to write and share my talent. I just have to say I am blessed yall. Thanks to everyone who is with me on my journey.
Here is the synopsis and an excerpt from “Kared and Shyann: A Harlem Love Affair 2.”
Sometimes in life, you can’t help who you fall in love with. Shyann found that out first hand. Shyann didn’t know her life would end up the way it did. She was just trying to love on her boyfriend Lovell. But of course Kared, a blast from the past shows up unannounced to change her life. She falls in love with him, she is having his baby but Lovell isn’t going to let that slide.Lovell knows he will always have a small part of Shyann’s heart and now that Kared is in jail. He has the perfect opportunity to get Shyann back in his arms. That alone is hitting Kared where it hurts. Lovell feels as if Kared can’t do anything about it from behind bars but he is in for a rude awakening.

Kared has said over and over again, “If I can’t have Shyann no one will.” If you read part one you know that he will not let Shyann ago especially without a fight….literally. Shyann knows this time her decision is a matter of life or death. Which one is she going to pick?

 Welcome to “Kared and Shyann: A Harlem Love Affair 2.”


Excerpt from “Kared and Shyann: A Harlem Love Affair 2” :


When I got the text from Lovell, of course I was surprised. Erica told me I shouldn’t go and Cassandra told me to go meet up with him. It’s like fighting with the devil and an angel, but I’m glad I did answer him. I do miss him. I just have to make sure I keep this on the hush because Kared would be pissed. I don’t like holding grudges or holding on to old shit. It’s time to move on and start a new, fresh.

“So since we are friends, how are you parents?”

“They are good, my dad asked about you the other day, but my mom wouldn’t be too happy finding out that I’m still dealing with you.”

“I mean I can’t blame her. I broke her baby’s heart.” I rub his back. “Wait, I’m not sure if I can touch you I don’t want Rana to get me.”

“Oh please, what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her.”

“Oh really?” I smirked as the DJ starts to play TLC’s “No Scrub”.

“This your shit, but you can’t dance to it,” he laughs.

“Says who? I am. Now watch me.” I wink at him, go to the middle of the lounge, and start doing the dance. Drea comes from behind the bar and starts doing it as well. We start getting crazy. Everyone in Moca is cheering us on and having a good ass time. I’m in my element.

Then the DJ says, “Okay thanks to every single lady in here, but now it’s time for my fellas.” He starts playing, “No Pigeons” by Sporty Thieves. Oh boy, you know all the men start dapping each other and reciting the lyrics at the lounge. You know how that goes when they hear that song.

Lovell gets up and starts rapping in my ear “Fill my belly with shrimp and spaghetti.” He then rubs his belly while rapping those words.

I start laughing because it’s funny. I start rapping the lyrics with him. The whole place is on another level. We all sing the lyrics. I’m having so much fun. I do miss Lovell. I look at him and just admire him. He looks good as well. I guess our breakup did some good for him. He looks happy; he looks like a weight has been lifted off his shoulder.

“You remember how fun our first date was?” I ask him. He takes my hand and he motions for me to sit down.

“I do. It was one of the best times of my life. Shyann, you know I really loved you.”

“So you don’t love me now?”

“I do, I’ll always love you, but you love someone else. What am I supposed to do, wait?”

“I don’t want you to wait, but I do love you too.”

“Drea come here.” Drea walks over to Lovell. “We’re going to leave, put everything on my card instead.” She nods, takes his card, charges everything and gives me mines back.

Lovell grabs my hand and says, “Let’s get out of here.”

We wave good night to everyone and walk out. As we are walking to his car, I notice a familiar car not too far from us. I squint to see if I could see who is in it any better.  It looks like Treyvon’s, but I don’t pay any attention to it. My phone rings, but I don’t know the number.

“Lovell opens the door for me and asks me, “You’re not going to answer it?”

“Nope, where to next?” I put my phone back in my bag.


Over by the 1 train is the water and a small boardwalk by 125th and 12th Avenue. It stretches out from about 125th to 130th/131st street. I love this area because it’s so quiet and peaceful. You might find some people walking their dog and kids playing, but it’s kind of chilly so not that many people are out. It’s perfect for a date, a picnic and just a day with people.

Lovell and I find a bench where we can sit and talk. Luckily, we stopped by one of the stores to get a Mike’s lemonade, two ice cups and two bottles of water just in case. Also, we got two honey turkey and cheese sandwiches with everything on it as well. The corner store in that area makes the best ones in Harlem. I would always come over here in the summer when I was younger because it was my time to be by myself to write in my journal or just pray for my mom. Me and her use to do picnics here or Central Park then walk home.

Lovell and I forgot how hungry we were because we were so busy talking and dancing we didn’t get to order my favorite from Moca, the catfish sliders and fries. After all those drinks we definitely have need something in our system.

I put my head on his shoulders and play some Luther Vandross. I’m not trying to set any mood, but I need to have some cool down time, those martinis always hit the spot. Moca always has the best and the strongest drinks in Harlem. It’s just sometimes too mixxy for our nerves.

“Vell, what are we going to do?” I ask.

“Shyann the ball is in your court girl. You’re the one with the man. Do you even want to be with him?”

“I do, but he is in jail. I don’t know how long he will be in there.”

“So you’re not a ride or die chick then?”

“I don’t know what I am,” I pouted.

“I know what you are; you are supposed to be mine.” He grabs my faces and kisses me. I move back because I wasn’t expecting it. Yes, I know how I felt a few moments ago, but who do I want? Lovell or Kared.

“Shyann, don’t fight it.” He is right, maybe after this kiss I will see if I really want to be with Kared. I kiss him. We slowly get into the motions. He starts to play music from off his phone. Kelly Rowland song, “Kisses Down Low” starts to play. He begins to pull my bun. I start rubbing his back. He kisses the cresses of my neck and rubs my breasts slowly.

“Shyann let me have you one more time.” He slowly inches his hands to my vagina. I don’t stop him, but my phone starts to ring again.

I ignore it. Then it starts to again. Maybe it’s a sign.

“Hold on Lovell.” He sucks his teeth.

I walk off to the side to see who it is.


“This is a collect call from Rikers Island. From Kared. Would you like to accept it?” the operator states.

“Yes.” Shit.

            I try to compose myself. I don’t need him to hear the nervousness in my voice. He doesn’t need to know what I am doing “Hey Baby.”

“Nah, don’t hey baby me. Where the fuck is you at?”

“Hmmm…” I couldn’t even think of a lie and before I could even answer

“Shyann don’t make me come through this phone. Please tell me it’s not true.”

“What are you talking about? I was just chilling. What’s not true?”

“I’m going to ask you again? What the fuck are you doing?”
“I’m with Lovell.”

“Shyann, you’re going to make me hurt you. Why??? What that nigga did? He drugged you or something because you are mine not his anymore.”

“Whoa hold up… I am no one’s Kared! chill out.”

“How can I chill when I hear my girl out here with her ex? Like what the fuck?”

“Who told you?”

“Shyann you forget who I am, who I know? I know I’m in jail, but word travels fast. I don’t got time for the bullshit. I don’t need you out here fucking.”

“We didn’t even do anything. He wanted to talk so I said okay. We are just talking.” I can’t tell him that he kissed me or that he was feeling up on me. That will be a whole other story.

“What y’all need to talk about? NOT A DAMN THING! WE LOST THE BABY BECAUSE OF HIM!”

“Because of both of y’all! Please Kared, I’m not trying to argue with you at all. I just want to enjoy hearing your voice.”

“You sure? Cause you liking to enjoy his company too. Last time I checked he didn’t want you or the baby. Where is your fucking head at?”

“Are you done Kared?” I know I shouldn’t be with Lovell, but it’s harmless. I’m just having fun and Kared is acting like he’s all innocent; he had sex with plenty of women. It’s not like Lovell is a stranger. He was my friend and I’m not sexing him. We’re just talking that’s it. And yeah, we kissed, but he’s spazzing out for no reason.

“You have one minute to take that ass home. I’m not playing with your ass.”

“I’m not playing with your ass either.” Lovell then walks over. He looks at me with this confused look. I just don’t want him to say anything out of pocket because that’s something I don’t need especially not at this moment. Kared will probably flip out if he hears his voice.

“Is there a problem?” I motion for Lovell to walk away, but Kared hears him.

“What? Let me speak to that nigga,” says Kared. He sounds like he is going to punch Lovell through the phone.

“No. Why y’all need to speak?” Why did I say that? Lovell grabs the phone from me. From the look on his face, he is ready for war. I can only imagine what and how Kared is feeling right now. I know he is ready to fight his ass. That’s not what I need again, two men fighting over me. Last time that ended very badly.

“What do you want nigga?” says Lovell. I can’t hear what Kared is saying, but Lovell is laughing.

I’m trying to take the phone from Lovell, but he won’t let me have it. He is slowly moving my hand away from him.

“You’re funny Kared, you talking all that shit now because you’re in jail. But guess where your girl is… with me. If your ass wasn’t so dumb you wouldn’t have been in jail. You would be here.”

“Lovell give me the phone please!” He still is ignoring me he doesn’t care what I have to say.

“Wait so now you’re threatening me? Kared you are so funny; you don’t know who I know. So please chill the fuck out and don’t worry, I will take good care of Shyann while you’re in jail, enjoy.” He then hangs up.

“Why would you hang up the phone on him?!”

“Because I can.” Lovell sits down with this big ass smile on his face.

“You don’t know how crazy Kared is, he might kill us both.”

“That nigga loves you; he ain’t going to kill you.” He might be right; Kared is crazy enough to do that.

I get a strange feeling. How did he know we were here? Who is telling him everything? This is crazy because he still knows what’s going on with me at this moment.

“Lovell, can you just take me home?”

He rolls his eyes, “Fine.” We gather everything and head out to leave the park.



“This fucking nigga is playing with my emotions.” I punch the wall; everyone is looking at me. I try to take a moment to breathe, but I can’t let this wack niggas see me down and out. I need to be tough. I see the guards in the corner of my eyes watching me.

I turn to the guard, “Is there a way I can make another phone call?”

“Nah playa playa, you have to wait till tomorrow. Next!”

Being in jail is going to be the death of me. I’m trying to hold it down, but Shyann is going to be the death of me too. What the fuck is Lovell trying to do? He’s trying to get Shyann back and her ass think he just want to be her friend.

Friends don’t kiss friends; my nigga is dumb. I hate when she drinks cause she’s not thinking straight. I’m going to need to speak to Erica or Cassandra or even Malik to talk some sense in her. I know she mad about the baby and about me being in here, but how are we supposed to fucking grow and she with this dude. I’m not letting her go. She belongs to me and no one else.





My 1st published book!

On March 17th, my first book was published on Amazon. It is called, “Kared and Shyann: A Harlem Love Affair.” The paperback version is now available. I am so excited! As of right now, I am working on Part 2. Stay tune :-). I am officially an author.

It’s true what they say “the effects are different between a gangster and a gentleman.”

Shyann is your average Harlem girl. She loves to have fun with her friends and family; she works full time and has everything going for her. Then the world as she knows it change after the sudden death of her mother. The crazy part about mourning is, love finds her at the most vulnerable period in her life.
Lovell is one of the best basketball players in NY. At first Shyann doesn’t even want to give him a chance. He’s popular, he has a lot of women on him, but something draws her in. The patience and faithfulness progressed their love for one another; until Kared came along.
Kared was the total opposite. A “ruff” boy, and as her father would say “gang banger!” Years ago he moved down south after getting into some trouble. Now he’s back in New York. Shyann had a crush on him ever since high school seeing past the bad boy image. Instead of becoming distant they grew closer. The allure of different worlds enticed them to play in a dangerous game of “Who do you love?”

Welcome to this Harlem Love Affair.

Pot of Gold

Mama always told me there was a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. The problem is I never could see it. I never could find it. I’m blind. Blind to color and gold. I tried to feel the end of a rainbow once. I felt nothing. I even tried to kick around to hear the pot of gold and nothing. Mama told me a lot of stories but this one hurt the most.

Can’t Let Her Go

He slowly places the duct tape on her mouth, so she can’t make a sound. He didn’t want to hurt her. He loves her. No one will understand how much he loves her. He knows kidnapping his own daughter is a lot for anyone to comprehend. But a father’s love is never too much.  His daughter looks at him and grabs his hand. That’s when he knew he made the right decision.

The Lost Soul

She bangs her head against the wall. People stare but keep walking. A tear rolls down her face. She mumbles but no one can hear. Not even herself. The sun reflects itself on her skin. She is hurting but no one cares. She lost herself once. He took a piece of her that she never could get back. Just like no one can hear her now, no one could hear then. No one believed her. As the sun reflects itself on her skin. She stops banging her head. She stands up. Walks towards him. She never forgot him. She watches as he laughs with a woman. Knowing that she is his next victim, she keeps walking. When she gets to the window, she slowly takes out her gun and shoots him.

Finding Them

I never wanted to be like my parents. They left me. But right now I don’t know what decision to make. She’s pregnant and has the support from her folks. Me on the other hand just have my adopted parents.

Rick and Lisa, my real parents had me when they were only 16. They were in love. Lisa’s family wanted her to focus on her ballet while Rick’s family wanted him to focus on his basketball career. So basically my grandparents didn’t want me.

I understand why they chose adoption for them. But I don’t understand why my grandparents couldn’t take care of me. Maybe because I look just like my pops and have my mom’s smile. I only know that because of my adopted parent’s picture.

There’s a picture they have of Rick and Lisa the day they gave me away. Forcing themselves to smile, holding me tightly in the picture. I used to ask my parents about Rick and Lisa but after a while it began to bore me. Now that Alicia is having a baby I feel like I should look for them.

I’m ready to start a family and so is Alicia. I know Rick and Lisa are still in New York. Rick and Lisa aren’t a famous dancer or basketball player. I don’t see them on television or billboards or something. Alicia has been down my back about the whole situation. She is giving me that extra push to look for them.

Alicia decides to meet me by the job for lunch. The adoption agency is close to my job, so killing two birds in one stone is what we will do today. Last time I checked in with my parents they said the adoption was open but whenever I wanted to reach out to my Rick and Lisa, they wouldn’t hold me back.

We walk into the building. It’s quiet, no windows. I get a weird feeling of deja vu. Snap out of it..I look to my right and there is the receptionist.

“Good afternoon, my name is Rachel. How can I help you today?” Her smile seems genuine but let’s see if she can really help me.

“Good afternoon, I wanted to know if I could speak to someone about my adoption.”

Rachel looks at me, wrinkles her eyebrows.

“What’s your full name? What about your parent’s name as well?”

“Richard Player and Lisa Donald. My name is Trevon Willis.”

Rachel writes it all down. She stands up. “Okay I’ll be back.”

She walks towards the back. I see her go inside an office. I look at Alicia. She smiles at me and begins to rub my back. Her lips softly kiss my cheek. I start looking around. I see so many young people in here. I guess they are going through the same thing Lisa and Rick were.

Some of them are with their parents, some aren’t. Some are pregnant and some have babies in their hands. It’s a bittersweet moment.

Rachel comes back with a slight smile on her face. My heart starts to beat fast.

“Trevon, I have some great news.”

“Yes.” I try not to show my excitement.

“Your parents are looking for you as well. Because of how the system works it’s been hard because your adoption went from being an open one to a closed one. That’s something your parents should be able to better explain to you. If you want I can give you their number or you want me to give them your information?”

“I can take theirs.” Rachel gets a post-it and begins to write. I should have just told her no but it’s too late now. I take a tissue from out of my pocket and wipe my forehead. I’m sweaty.

Alicia whispers in my ear, “Babe, it’s okay. I’m here.”

“Here you go. Good luck with everything.” Rachel winks at me and hands me the post-it.

“Thank you so much.” I extend my hand for a handshake and we shake hands.

I look at the number. This all feels surreal.

I grab Alicia’s hand  as we walk out. I feel overwhelmed, anxious and nervous all in one leaving here. I take my phone out my pocket, anxious and nervous.

Dial..212-555-5666… ring..ring..ring.

“Good Afternoon, This is Mrs. Taylor speaking.”

“Hi, Mrs. Taylor. This might sound weird but I’m your son.” There’s a brief pause…

“Hello…hello are you still there?”

“Yes I’m here son.” She sniffles. “Can you hold on for a minute? I want to put you on speaker, your dad is right here.”

Just like that. I felt a sense of belonging.

“Blue Family Until I Die.”

“Man I’m tired of seeing these niggers on TV protesting. “ Tim said as he gets in our patrol car.

As I start the car up, I turn to Tim. “They are really trying to make us look bad.”

“You about what happened to John right?”

“Yes, I feel bad for him and his family.” John is a good cop, blue family until we die. Some black guy resisted arrest. He was reaching for something and John told him to stop. Long story short, John shot him. Which he was supposed to do. These people don’t have any common sense. The incident is being investigated because the guy didn’t have a gun but how was John supposed to know. We can’t take any risk.

“I just hope our justice system works in his favor.” Driving through the town, we see some black protestors. They have signs that read “Fuck the pigs,” “Black Lives Matters,” “John Jail,” “Don’t fail us, Judges.”

Tim shakes his head,” Look at them. Our lives matters too. I have kids.” I can see Tim turning red. I’m just as upset. Everyone is mad at us but we are just doing our jobs. Protecting our community, protecting our family, protecting, isn’t that our job?

Every time we have to patrol this area there is always something happening. I hate it. This is where the incident happened with John, so we have to be on point.

“What’s going on over there?” Tim looks real serious. I slow down the car to get a better look. I see two black kids sitting on a stoop. A woman who looks like a crackhead is walking towards them. She is scratching her arms excessively. She gets closer to them and one of the kids hands her something. I can’t make out what it is.

“Let’s see what’s going on,” says Tim. I stop the car and turn the sirens on. The woman starts walking fast and the two boys look in our direction.

As Tim gets out the car, the one who gave the woman the drugs starts to run. “Shit!” Tim starts to chase him.

I run to the other kid, “Don’t do anything stupid.” He still, he doesn’t even blink.

I see Tim chasing after the kid, so I start running that way.

“Stop! You won’t get far!” Tim yells. I’m not far behind but suddenly the kid trips. He gets up and immediately puts his hands up.

“Now you want to stop, you are under arrest.”

“I ain’t doing anything, sir.” The young boy says as Tim is walking towards him with his gun drawn.

“Seriously? We saw you selling crack.”

“I wasn’t.” His voice cracks.

The kid is nervous, his eyes move from us to the gun, back and forth.

“Look kid, just come with us.” As I walk towards him he reaches for his pocket.


The kid grabs his chest. Red starts to spread his white tee shirt

“What the hell dude?” I run to the kid’s side to see if he is breathing. Tim steps back.

“Stay with us kid.” I check his pockets. I feel something. It’s a container with white substance.

“See I knew this nigger had drugs on him.” Tim starts to smile. He looks like a kid in a candy shop. I open the container but the smell is of lotion.

“Kid, what is this?” I look at the kid who is holding his chest. He has to be the same age as my son. Tim takes the container and smells it.

“Fuck. This is lotion. You sure there is no drugs on him? Check again.” He starts to sweat. That smile wipes off from his face real fast.

“I’m calling it in.” As I reach for my walkie. Tim grabs my shoulder.

“Don’t.” He reaches in his pocket and gives me a small container with drugs in it. “Fuck this kid. He ran. Put this in his pocket.”

I look into the kid’s eyes. Tears start to form. I put the container in his pocket. He stares at me, hopeless with his hand on his chest.

Blue family until I die.